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NEW SKIN! 2012!

New Skin | 2012
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Y'all know I can never do anything on time...

Cute huh? @[You must be registered to view links] made the banner, go tell him how flawless it is!

Been scrambling to get this done all day so it's not bad for something that took 4 hours imo. May tweak the forum icons though, just really, really wanted to get this out today!

As ever, any issues with the skin, stuff misbehaving etc, [You must be registered to view links] or [You must be registered to view links]

Hope you love it

On another note, PopOverdose is 1 YEAR OLD today. Time flies huh? Although I only became admin in like April last year, I've been around since day 1 and I can tell you from the start, I didn't expect it to become as big as it has. We have such an amazing community here and EVERYONE adds to PopOD in one way or another. And for that, I and the rest of the staff thank you for your continued support and help in making PopOD what it is today. Not many forums have such a friendly userbase (and I know there's some people who are less than friendly, but for the most part, y'all are lovely). Here's hoping for another year where we continue to grow! :pray:


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