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Hot and dangerous.

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11-06-2011 #21
+ Obviously talented.
- It's kind of hard to relate to her and her music, and 4 is not that good.
Overall grade: B

+ Cutest pop-star alive, and she's a legend and her discography is brilliant (FF + Blackout).
- Her performances are not on par with the others.
Overall grade: B+

+ Talented - singing and dancing.
- Trying too hard to be different and it shows.
Overall grade: B

+ She knows how to create music that sells and she's talented.
- Generic and she's a typical pop-star and there's nothing really interesting about her.
Overall grade: C+

+ Great song-writer.
- Autotune hides her talent (though I'm not even sure if she has substantial vocal talent).
Overall grade: C-

+ Great, consistent music with exciting performances.
- She's releasing things way too fast.
Overall grade: B

+ Amazing, amazing, AMAZING voice.
- Some of her songs can be a little (or a lot)... irrelevant.
Overall grade: B-


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